Hive Activ Strengthens Coaching Team with ASCA Accreditation

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Exciting News: All Hive Activ Coaches to be ASCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coaches in 2022!

We are thrilled to announce some exciting news this month related to our trainers at Hive Activ. Starting from 2022, all of our coaches will be ASCA accredited strength and conditioning coaches!

Throughout November, Sarah has been undertaking her level 1 ASCA course, while Luey is completing his level 2.

But what does it mean exactly to be ASCA accredited?

ASCA, or the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association, is the accrediting body for strength and conditioning coaches in Australia as recognized by the Australian Institute of Sport and the Australian Sports Commission. These courses are designed to ensure that coaches are both theoretically and practically sound in the discipline before receiving their credentials.

This is fantastic news for all our members because you can be assured that you are receiving top-quality personal training in Toukley that is always based on scientific principles.

So, get ready to start the new year with top-notch coaching and results-driven workouts at Hive Activ Gym in Toukley!