Cold Commitment Challenge

Starting 3 July!

Why join the Cold Commitment Challenge?

Investing in your physical and mental well-being is an investment we never regret! We all have our reasons for exercising: to enhance our physical fitness, boost our mental resilience, foster social connections, shed those extra pounds, build muscle, and more. Ultimately, we exercise to forge a path towards a healthier, happier life. And guess what? Winter is no exception!

Just because it’s a little more uncomfortable outside is not a reason to give up on ourselves. Commitment towards being your best is a commitment that will not only benefit yourself but those around you. COMMIT THIS WINTER!! Let us show you how!

What’s in store for you?

🔥 Unlimited access to invigorating Group Fitness Classes – see our timetable here
🔥 Gain valuable insights with a comprehensive body composition analysis
🔥 Delight your taste buds with a customised meal plan and snack ideas tailored to your goals
🔥 Exclusive invitation to a transformative Mind & Body Grit session featuring inspiring guest speakers
🔥 Embrace the power of cold exposure and breath work for an exhilarating experience
🔥 Stay connected and motivated through our dedicated online support via a private Facebook page
🔥 Be held accountable by our exceptional coaches who will push you to new heights
🔥 Unlock discounted rates on engaging group personal training sessions – just $25 per person (minimum of 3 people)
🔥 Measure your progress with initial and final fitness testing
🔥 Awards Night, where epic prizes await, including a chance to win $500 Cash and enjoy 3 months of free membership

Important Dates

  • Challenge starts 3 July for 5 weeks
  • 3/7/23 Initial testing
  • 8/7/23 Mind & Body Grit session (book in here)
  • 29/7/23 Cold exposure experience and breath work session
  • 31/7/23 Final testing
  • 5/8/23 Challenge Party and presentation

For more info, download our challenge info sheet here.

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