How an exercise routine helped Kirsty recover from chronic pain

Kirsty Woods, 38

A safe exercise routine can be a vital source of pain management and offer a road to recovery after injury. This was the case for our client Kirsty Woods. Kirsty came to us with severe back and knee injuries, which was causing her chronic pain and left her unable to perform basic movements.

“I had back pain for over ten years, and because of that and my knee, I wasn’t even able to do a squat. My main goal coming into Hive was to recover from my injuries and to hopefully experience less pain.” 

When Kirsty first joined Hive Activ, her personal training sessions focused mainly on mobility. The goal was to get her body back to a place where it could move freely and fluidly. Once her range of motion increased, we introduced more strength training to protect her from future injury. Three years on, and Kirsty’s progress is truly something to behold. 

“My mobility has improved greatly. I can now deadlift more than my body weight and squat double my body weight. Not to mention, I have lost 15 kgs.” 

Kirsty’s dedication is unmatched, and it has been incredible to see her progress both in her personal training sessions and in the group fitness classes. However, what brings us the most joy is knowing that Kirsty’s pain has reduced significantly and how much this has benefited her life.

“I no longer experience back pain, which has been life-changing. Everyday tasks are much easier and I am able to do so much more than I ever thought I would.  I am so grateful for the new lease on life that Hive has given me.”

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kirsty.

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